This is how GLOW College plans to keep Students and Staff safe on campus this fall.

GLOW College is implementing a number of changes on campus to ensure the safety in advance of the upcoming fall semester. Although Provincial guidelines have not entirely confirmed when Colleges of Art and Beauty programs can resume in-person classes, we are taking the necessary steps to prepare for the much anticipated news.

New and returning students can expect many changes at each campus and in class when we return.

Other than promoting the use of masks and maintaining good hand hygiene, we will be enforcing other safe practices across all three campuses.

GLOW College is adhering to evidence-based guidelines released by the province of Ontario and the federal government. We will be keeping a close eye on public health guidelines to ensure our policies and practices are up-to-date.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes as we prepare for Safe learning, potentially by this Fall. Here are some ways we plan to keep our College safe this fall:


We are taking steps to ensure Signage is placed at each Campus, including the following specific posters:

COVID-19 Prevention and Precaution Poster
COVID-19 Restriction Access Self-Screening Poster
COVID -19 Hand Washing and Sanitizing Poster
COVID-19 Restricted Seat for Physical Distancing Poster
COVID-19 Maximum Occupancy Posters (General and per Classroom)
COVID-19 Floor Decals


According to Health Experts, until a vaccine is developed, physical distancing is one of the most effective weapons in the fight against COVID-19. As a result, a number of initiatives will be implemented, including reduced class sizes, setting up classrooms so that students can maintain a minimum of at least a two metre distance from one another, use of masks and face shields where distancing is not possible, use of sneeze guards where possible, and restrictions on the maximum number of people allowed in any particular space.


Double Cleaning Measures will be enforced in all spaces. In keeping with Public Health Ontario guidelines, doorknobs and other common surfaces will be disinfected a minimum of twice daily.
Students and Staff are required to clean their individual stations upon arriving to the space and also upon completing the use of the space using effecting solutions provided.    


Upon arriving to the Campus, Students, Staff and all Visitors will be required to proceed immediately to a sink and thoroughly wash their hands before touching any surface. After doing so, all Individuals are required to sign into the Visitor Log at front desk using only their own personal pen. While hand sanitizers will be provided as usual, all Individuals will be responsible in bringing a personal size hand sanitizer as backup.


Experts at the World Health Organization, Health Canada and Public Health Ontario advise that in common areas and places where a 2 metre distance cannot be maintained, all Individuals will be required to wear a personal mask or face shield. The College will assess and install where appropriate protective measures such as Plexiglass barriers and sneeze guards, such as at shared office and classroom tables, including nail stations.


While class sizes will be reduced, class schedules may also be shortened as needed. Live virtual sessions may be available for Students that choose to remain at home during lessons that do not require hands on practice.

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