An Award Winning Institute with experienced and enthusiastic Professionals, dedicated Leaders, and Approved Programs. Get to know the outstanding people, programs and purpose at GLOW College by reading below. Also, learn how GLOW College has prepared each Campus and its policies to ensure safe and effective learning during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

Live training at the National Womens Show,
Just one of the ways we enjoy connecting
with aspiring Students.
Winning that Academy of the Year Award was a well deserved and memorable experience thanks to our wonderful Students who submitted their feedback.
A look at some of the brands that provide experiences and opportunities to our Students and Graduates.

As a MAC eligible school, our Students enjoy perks such as discounts, store tours, hands on Labs, and job fair alerts.
One of the biggest employers of our Grads
is SEPHORA Canada who share in our
goals of an educated Industry.
Start learning from home today using our
advanced Online Learning LAB.
With being a MAKE UP FOR EVER Partner School, our Students enjoy discounts, live and virtual demonstrations as well as Internship opportunities.
One of our favorite practicals is an opportunity for Students to gain hands on industry hours at CITY TV.
With multiple campuses within Ontario plus working with our International Affiliates, we are proud to have Graduates from around the world.

History of Integrity and Success

Since 2008, GLOW, originally known as GLOW Academy – School of Artistic Design has been successfully providing Certificate training for over a decade to thousands of Students. The Academy earned it’s way as a top five rated Academy in Ontario.

2018 marked a ground breaking year for GLOW as it stepped forward as GLOW College of Artistic Design, a  registered  Private Career College with the Ontario Ministry of Training and Colleges, now with three approved Campus locations. 2019 marked a milestone year of GLOW College as we became an Award Winning School.

Holding a Private Career College status allows GLOW College to offer vocational programs that provide Students with higher education and eligibility to apply for HRDC Second Career funding, consideration for WSIB Re-Training funds, as well as potential access to grants from various organizations as such Indigenous and First Nations programs. As a Registered College, GLOW aims to provide higher standards of education to Students by leveraging it’s multiple campus locations as well as industry relationships, each built on years of integrity and care.

Three Registered Campuses

Our three campus locations span across Ontario, accommodating Students from various parts of the Province. With Prime locations, local Students are easily able to access a Campus near them, while out of town Students have accommodation options within the area.

YORKVILLE CAMPUS – East end Students typically attend our Yorkville Campus, located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Being surrounded by Luxury brands and the lively environment of Yorkville is perhaps part of the experience.

PEEL CAMPUS – Located now along the border of Mississauga and Brampton, our Peel district Campus is just minutes away from the Pearson International Airport and conveniently surrounded by highways, making it easily accessible for Students from all parts of the Greater Toronto Area as well as for those from surrounding regions.

TRI-CITY CAMPUS – Just off of accessible highways, our Tri-City Campus is located in Kitchener and designed for comfortable learning for Students within the Tri-City region of Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge. This Campus location serves to accommodate Students of many neighboring regions. While originally a remote training centre location, our Tri-City Campus has now launched as a full facility offering Students access to just about all of our programs with flexible class schedules.

Approved and Effective Programs

With focused emphasis on job and business readiness, our Programs have been developed with the highest standards of education. The combination of theory, in class practical and industry experiences speak volumes for our high Graduate success rate at GLOW College.

Our Diploma Programs have been developed by active Industry Professionals and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts and Qualified Adult Educators prior to being approved by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005.

While our Vocational Diploma Programs are ideal for Individuals seeking higher education for a new career path, our single skilled Certificate programs, screened and compliant with the Private Career Colleges Act 2005 are designed to help Professionals meet their continuing education goals, while also providing aspiring Individuals a fast track format to developing new skills in an individual area of study.

Teaching Styles

We understand the ultimate goal for any Graduate is to become job and business ready, which is why each of our programs are designed with an emphasis on hands-on, job and business ready learning styles.

Condensed theory lessons with a focus on practical and usable components of each program allow our Students to spend optimal time on hands on training along with developing and extensively honing their newly learned skills.

Online Learning

With our advanced Online Learning LAB, Students are able to complete theory lessons, exercises and challenges from the comfort of their home. Our self paced Online Learning LAB was designed to give Students control over their learning schedule.

President, Director

As the President and Director of GLOW College of Artistic Design, Mahana Syed uses her passion for people and education daily. With over fifteen years of business and education experience, Mahana has excelled GLOW College to winning nominations and awards, and gain recognition industry wide. By raising the standard of education combined with instilling Entrepreneurial traits in all Graduates, Mahana aims to continue achieving high success rates of GLOW College Graduates.

Faculty and Administrative Staff

Student care and graduate success rates are what drive the Staff and Faculty here at GLOW. In the interest of maintaining our high post graduate success rate, each member of our College takes responsibility in supporting and nurturing Students from classroom assignments to industry practicals.

GLOW College Instructors are highly successful, active professionals that exceed the Ministry criteria for qualified Educators. Intimate class sizes enable our qualified Instructors to focus attention and care on advancing skill sets of each individual Student. Course materials are rigorously reviewed by Instructors and Industry Experts on a continual basis to ensure that new industry information and techniques are clearly highlighted and incorporated into each program. Regular maintenance of our programs allow GLOW College Students to develop knowledge and confidence that exceed industry standards.

GLOW College Administration Staff work to ensure the over all experience of each Student, from the initial inquiry phase, to facility tours, and program registration to the much anticipated graduation processes.


This colorful world of ours requires a diverse group of people with diverse experiences and mindsets to create learning streams and programs to suit the Students that come to GLOW College from various backgrounds. We embrace diversity not just in terms of corporate structure and program development but also in our teachings of special skills to suit diverse cultures.

Many of our programs include specific skill development to suit a magnitude of cultures and ethnicities including such parts of the world as the Americas, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East Arabia and more, enabling our Grads to work successfully on all clientele.

We also appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our Students including languages and learning styles which led us to diversely expand our roster of talented and qualified Instructors to what it is today.


Find out how you can get started online or in person at one of our Campuses. For International Students, find if one of our Affiliates is located in your home country. Earn a single skilled non-vocational Certificate right from where you are. Visit our International page for more information.

All great experiences are a decision away.

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