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Congratulations, based on the recent Interview and discussions, we are honored to have your Institute become a valued Affiliate of GLOW College.

Please proceed with reviewing and completing the following Due Diligence process. Once complete, we will be moving along to the Affiliate Onboarding and Training phases in the coming weeks.

STEP 1 – Review the general Affiliate Agreements. This is privileged and confidential information and is for your review purposes only. Once you have reviewed the agreement, submit the following details so that we can use it to draft the Agreement to your Institute’s specifications and email it for signing. Use the passwords provided to access the two documents below.

CLICK HERE to Review the General Affiliate Agreement.

CLICK HERE to Review the Third Party Agreement that will be on file for our Ministry purposes. It will officially list you as a Third Party School to facilitate the practical component of select GLOW College Programs.

STEP 2 – Upload the following information about your Institute as it is the General Criteria for all Affiliate School Applicants and will be used to draft the formal agreements as well as to list your Institute as an Approved Affiliate.

* fields are mandatory