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Become A Wax Expert – Waxing Course

Photo by Kate Hliznitsova on Unsplash

Wax Course

To become a waxing professional, you’ll need to start by researching approved schools. You can take an esthetician diploma or a waxing certificate course, both will allow you to work as a wax technician.

What you’ll learn

Most waxing certificate courses will teach you, basic skin anatomy, hair anatomy, sanitation, safety, client care, waxing hygiene, side effects, contraindications and hands on training. They may also offer specialty hair removal techniques such as body sugaring and threading.

Online v.s In-person

Both are great options, this will be more of your own preference. When it comes to flexibility online is a great option for those that have to juggle a busy schedule and the study life. While in-person may be a better choice for those that prefer hands on training.

Some waxing courses offer a mix of self paced online theory with in-person hands on training.

Certificate v.s Diploma

Diploma programs tend to give you more of an in-depth overview and will prepare you for all areas of esthetics, this can open up a larger scale of work and career opportunities.

Certificate programs are great for those who are looking to add new skills or for someone wishing to get started in the beauty industry. This is also a great option for those who know exactly the career they want to focus on.

Regardless if you choose online, in-person, certificate or diploma the most important thing to do is research and pick an approved school, this will guarantee that your course is up to standard.

To view the list of approved beauty schools visit Beauty Council Canada