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Importance of Brow Courses

Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

Brow Course

There is nothing worse than letting your eyebrows grow out for months, only to have them butchered. Even if you had not had a horrible brow service yourself, I’m sure you know someone that has. That’s why taking a Brow Course for beauty professional can make a big difference.

Learning to sculpt the prefect brow is an art form, one which you can learnt. This skill is one that all beauty professionals from makeup artist to hair stylist and everyone in-between can help elevate your services.

For those looking to add this trendy and essential skill, to your services here are a few things you should know when looking for the right brow course.


With any new skill it’s a great idea to learn the basic’s, and in the brow world that’s shaping. Learning what brow shape looks good on each face shape is the foundation of the brow service.

Tools and Products

When looking for your Brow Course, find out which tools and products will be used or if they have add-ons for the course. Learning to tweeze, thread, sugar, and wax can be very valuable.  You simple never know which tool or product will work best for you when working on clients, sometimes it you might like using a mix of them on different clients.

Brow trends

Yes! The brow is constantly a trendy headline in all magazines and social media. As professional you need to stay on top of the trends, educating yourself with the newest trend, means that you as the professional can guide your clients through trends and even help guide them on the right trends for them (like helping them avoid the pencil thin trend from the early 2000’s).

Finding a school that stay’s up to date with all trends and can teach you the essentials will be a great find for your career. When looking for beauty schools be sure to pick a school with the right accreditations.

To help find your accredited beauty school visit : Beauty Council Canada

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