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Step Up Your Makeup Career

Photo by Jake Peterson on Unsplash

As self taught Makeup Artist there can be some advantages and disadvantages. But it’s never to late to educate yourself! As professional continually educating yourself can really set you apart from others. As well as there are some important fundamental skills you may learn through taking Courses.

Let’s have a look at some things you can gain through educational course.

Sanitation and Safety

As a beauty professional we should always pride ourselves in having a safe and clean working environment for our clients. Getting the proper education on sanitation is important, as taking every measure to insure our clients health and safety. Courses will help you understand how bacteria and pathogens work and how to stop them from spreading for one client to the next.

Products and Kits

Building a makeup kit can take years, but nothing’s worse then pulling out your favourite mascara and it’s dried out. With makeup courses that are geared towards self taught professionals, will tend to focus on teaching more useful tips and skills as well as more in-depth knowledge of the products life span.


As a Freelance and self taught professional, having someone to bounce ideas off of or share new skills can be tough to find. We know how important education is for any professional but having a community of other professionals can really make a difference. When taking course you have the opportunity to bond with others, whether that be the instructors or other students.

Keeping yourself educated on current trends is also a great way to stay connected and it will get you constantly inspired.

STEP UP Makeup artistry course, will be coming soon to GLOW College.