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Total cost of course $2,400. Enroll now with $450 deposit to save a seat. A Student Life Manager will be in touch with flexible payment options to pay your balance while you learn. GLOW College’s Advanced Skincare Treatments Certificate Course is designed to advance your beauty career by providing additional skincare services to your clients.

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      Followed by the Facial Treatments course, this course is designed to fully prepare you to safely and effectively perform advanced Skincare Treatments with the use of high frequency machines, facial fees, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion as well as microneedling.

      Learn with our Interactive lessons and gain life-long access to Course Content including Quizzes to test your Knowledge, Step-by Step demonstrations and assignments. 

      Develop an understanding of Skin Care and Treatments according to your Clients skin type and conditions. Supplies provided for in class learning. Earning a Certificate will enable you to create Pro accounts with local Salon Distributors to access the Industry’s top brands and supplies. 

      Click HERE to view full course outline.


      Facials Certification from an Approved College.