As a Student oriented Institute, GLOW College aims to maintain a positive and nurturing learning environment for Students and Alumni. From experienced Instructors, helpful Academic Coordinators and a long list of ongoing opportunities to continue learning in class and within the Industry, the Student Life is rated one of the best. Your experience is what you make of it and we encourage Students to soak in all opportunities and maintain long term relationships with the College for continued support and encouragement to grow.


A positive work environment amongst Staff is the most surest of ways to maintaining a fun learning environment at each Campus. A team of empowered and approachable Instructors and Coordinators are dedicated to excelling in their roles and responsibilities while having fun doing it. A Team that works together, grows and has fun together. Here are some glances at Instructor work as well as memories from some of the most memorable of times including winning an Award, presenting at Trade Shows, Team outings and celebrating Student successes.


GLOW College Students are typically provided with the opportunities to gain hands on experiences within the thriving Beauty and Media industries. These are the wonderful companies and organizations that have provided hands on industry hours to help Students gain real experiences before and after Graduating. Industry participation is optional, yet highly recommended to make the best of your experience.


GLOW College proudly associates with some of the Industry’s top Beauty companies. Below is a glance at some of the top brands in the Industry that you can expect to find in Student kits and classrooms. Many of these brands recognize GLOW College Graduates for discount programs, internships as well as job opportunities post Graduation.


Apart from Freelancing goals, many GLOW College Graduates aspire to work with some of the top brands in the Beauty Industry. Many are working as skillful Cosmetic Consultants, talented Artists, Cosmetic Retail Sales Associates, as well as Brand Managers with the leading brands seen below.


It takes a team of schools and organizations to spread education around the world. Below are some of the Education Partners that work with GLOW College to facilitate learning opportunities in and outside of Canada. Working together to nurture and support Students is a common goal with each Partner.