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About GLOW College

An Award Winning Institute

Recognized worldwide, GLOW College is an Award Winning Institute with Government Approvals, Industry credentials, dedicated Leaders, and a faculty of qualified Instructors. Get to know the outstanding people, programs and purpose at GLOW College by reading below. Also, learn how GLOW College has prepared each Campus and its policies to ensure safe and effective learning.

History of Integrity and Success

Since 2008, GLOW College, formerly known as GLOW Academy has been successfully providing Non-Vocational Certificate training for over a decade to thousands of Students, helping each one develop individual specialized skills. The Academy earned its way as a top five rated Academy in Ontario.

2018 marked a ground breaking year for GLOW as it stepped forward as GLOW College of Artistic Design, a registered Private Career College with the Ontario Ministry of Training and Colleges, now with Four approved Campus locations.

2019 marked a milestone year of GLOW College as it was announced as an Award Winning School according to the Worldwide Oceanic Beauty Awards Association.

GLOW College aims to provide higher standards of education to Students by leveraging multiple Campus locations as well as with Industry relationships, each built on years of integrity and care.

Approved and Effective Programs

With a focused emphasis on job and business readiness, our Programs have been developed with the highest standards of education. The combination of theory, in-class practical and industry experiences speak volumes for our high Graduate success rate at GLOW College.

Our Diploma Programs have been developed by active Industry Professionals and reviewed by Subject Matter Experts and Qualified Adult Educators prior to being approved by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities under the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005.

Our Approved Vocational Diploma Programs are ideal for Individuals seeking higher education for a new career path. For Professionals looking to add on skills, our Certificate programs are screened and compliant with the Ontario Career Colleges Act, 2005 and are designed to help Professionals meet their continuing education goals, while also providing aspiring Individuals a fast-track format to developing single skills in an individual area of study.

Learn Online at our Cloud Campus

Our Cloud Campus is gaining popularity for Students to complete their Studies right from where they are. With an advanced Online Learning LAB, Students are able to complete theory lessons, exercises and challenges from the comfort of their home.

Our self-paced Online Courses are designed to give students control over their learning schedule.

Choose to complete a Certificate entirely online, or a blend of Online and In Person studies at a Campus location of choice.

There’s always a way to keep learning.


This colorful world of ours requires a diverse group of people with diverse experiences and mindsets to create learning streams and programs to suit the Students that come to GLOW College from various backgrounds. We embrace diversity not just in terms of corporate structure and program development but also in our teachings of special skills to suit diverse cultures.

Many of our programs include specific skill development to suit a magnitude of cultures and ethnicities including such parts of the world as the Americas, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East Arabia and more, enabling our Grads to work successfully on all Clientele.

We also appreciate the diverse backgrounds of our Students including languages and learning styles which led us to diversely expand our roster of talented and qualified Instructors to what it is today.

Teaching Styles

We understand the ultimate goal for any Graduate is to become job and business-ready, which is why each of our programs are designed with an emphasis on hands-on, job and business-ready learning styles.

Condensed theory lessons with a focus on practical and usable components of each program allow our Students to spend optimal time on hands-on training along with developing and extensively honing their newly learned skills.

Intimate class sizes enable our qualified Instructors to focus attention and care on advancing skill sets of each individual Student. Course materials are rigorously reviewed by Instructors and Industry Experts on a continual basis to ensure that new industry information and techniques are clearly highlighted and incorporated into each program.

Regular maintenance of our programs allow GLOW College Students to develop knowledge and confidence that exceed industry standards.

Faculty and Administrative Staff

Student care and graduate success rates are what drive the Staff and Faculty at GLOW College.

In the interest of maintaining our high postgraduate success rate, each member of our College takes responsibility in supporting and nurturing Students from classroom assignments to industry practicals.

GLOW College Instructors are highly successful, Industry professionals that exceed the Ministry criteria for qualified Educators.

GLOW College Administration Staff work to ensure the overall experience of each Student, from the initial inquiry phase, to facility tours, and program registration to the much-anticipated graduation processes.

With four Campus locations spanning across Ontario, GLOW College accommodates Students from various parts of the Province.

Prime locations in downtown Toronto, BramptonWaterloo, and Ottawa allow local Students to easily access a Campus near them, while out-of-town Students often travel and stay at nearby accommodations during their Studies or learn from home to complete an Online Course within our Cloud Campus.

Glowbal Reach

Find out how you can get started Online or In Person at one of our Campuses. For International Students, find if one of our Affiliates is located in your home country.

Earn a single skilled non-vocational Certificate right from where you are. Or for those that qualify for a Study Permit, plan your studies in Canada with one of our Designated Learning Institute Partner Schools.

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