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Beauty Industry leaders are anticipating a spike in Educated Beauty Professionals, particularly from approved Colleges. This is great news for you as you made the appropriate decision to obtain formal and Government approved education. Those that are untrained in the Industry or completed private unapproved training are at risk of being unable to provide personal services to the Public in the near future. This wave of the Industry and Consumers looking for trained Professionals is a key reason we believe your careers will flourish as this COVID-19 Pandemic fades away in the coming year. This is the best time to complete your education and take advantage of the wave of qualified Professionals.

There are petitions circulating and we will work together to ensure that Ontario’s beauty education standards are raised for your advantage.

WAITING LISTS – Based on social distancing measures and reduced class sizes, we have created waiting lists for most courses. Enrolling in June and July will ensure that you are prioritized within our scheduling efforts when we re-open. Our Admissions Coordinators are eager to help you enroll with small deposits.