Jasmine Singh, Instructor

Jasmine was first introduced to Beauty at the age of 16 when she was signed up based on it being a ‘good way to spend your summer’. She didn’t realize at the time that she would develop such a passion for the Industry and find herself as a licensed Esthetician, savvy Nail Tech and talented Makeup Artist.

With the support of her loving Husband, Jasmine continues to grow as a Beauty Professional always looking for ways to perfect her technique so that she can please her Clients, especially her teen Daughter who is otherwise the hardest to please, (like most teens).

Jasmine enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge, especially theory which she cannot teach enough of. When she’s not browsing through the web for inspiration, Jasmine loves listening to 90’s Bollywood Music and dancing as if she’s on Dancing with the Stars. With all of her other achievements, we wouldn’t be surprised if she finds her way to being on the show afterall!