DevaCurl One Condition Decadence & No-Poo Decadence Duo 32oz


This duo’s soothing formula provides maximum moisture and nourishment for your hair and scalp. Rich in vitamins and minerals helps nourish, moisturize and revitalize hair.

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No-Poo Decadence: Is a zero lather ultra moisturizing milk cleanser that stimulates and cleans the scalp without stripping your hair.

Completely wet your hair with warm apply desired amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand. Apply to your scalp and massage. After working the product into scalp rinse thoroughly.

One Condition Decadence: Ultra moisturizing milk conditioner that delivers more strength, nourishment and protection for your curls.

After using No-Poo decadence, use desired amount of conditioner spread it evenly from mid hair length to  the ends of your hair. Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp. Run your fingers or a wide-tooth comb through the ends of your hair to work in and detangle, allow to sit for several seconds then thoroughly rinse off the conditioner.



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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm