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Turn your passion for beauty into a fulfilling and lucrative career in personal services

Hands-on Hybrid Beauty Courses in Ontario

At GLOW College, we understand that the Beauty Industry thrives on a precise balance between essential theories and hands-on experiences. With that in mind, we have curated a unique hybrid learning experience that seamlessly integrates self paced online theory lessons allowing students to complete reading lessons from the comfort of their home, along with effective on-campus hands-on training led by qualified Instructors.

This hybrid approach ensures that our Students not only grasp the theoretical intricacies of the Beauty profession but also gain the confidence and proficiency needed to excel in real-world scenarios. Join GLOW College and experience the best of both worlds as you embark on a transformative journey towards a successful and hands-on career in the Beauty Industry.

Explore our six comprehensive Beauty Certificates below and choose the one(s) that suits your interest and goals the best. Each one allows a bridging opportunity to our Diploma programs, ensuring that your investments in a single field can be credited forward whenever you decide to pursue higher education.

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