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Get the Skills to Become a Fashion Illustration and Design Professional

Image of a fashon design sketch.
Elevate your Fashion Design career with the online Fashion Illustration and Design course

Online Fashion Illustration and Design Certificate Course

From influence, inspiration or imagination, learn to sketch, design and create multiple collections to add to your portfolio. During GLOW College’s Fashion Illustration and Design Certificate Course, you will develop your unique ideas with mood board and texture chart exercises that lead to a blend of hand and digital illustration.

This Certificate Course is delivered 100% online so you can advance your fashion design career with the flexibility and support you need to succeed. You can balance work, family and other commitments while you get the skills to build a brighter future.

This program is tailored to students who have different fashion backgrounds and abilities. Depending on your level of experience, we offer 2 levels of Fashion classes:

  1. Fashion Illustration and Design
  2. Fashion Illustration – Digital Portfolio Building Sessions

The best way to see if GLOW College is the right fit for you is to come and tour the school. You can tour our facilities and meet with students and instructors. Schedule a tour now or Get more info.

Fashion Illustration and Design

Learning Method: Online theories along with Virtual Instructor-led illustration practicals.

Tuition Fee: $1,360.00 (save 15% by paying in full, Reg. $1,600.00)
Payment Plan Option: Enroll Now for $450.00 a month for 4 months

Length/ Schedule: 8 weeks Instructor-led virtual classes (Wednesday evenings 6pm to 9pm)

Pre-Requisite: None

Course Components: Reading lessons, quizzes, step-by-step illustration practicals.

Supplies Required: Laptop or smart device for learning theories, sketch book and art supplies for traditional sketching art, iPad Pro for digital illustrations along with  Adobe Cloud software (approx. $45/month for digital illustration.

Description:  Learn Traditional and Digital Fashion Illustration techniques to bring your Fashion Designs to life. Complete interactive lessons on body proportions and garment illustrations using mixed media and digital design softwares, transitioning sketches to illustrations and flats.  Complete this course from home by logging into our cloud classroom with 8 weekly Instructor-led classes.

Fashion Illustration - Digital Portfolio Building Sessions

Learning Method: Virtual Instructor-led illustration practicals.

Tuition Fee: $1,020 00 (save 15% by paying in full, Reg. $1,200.00)
Payment Plan Option: Enroll Now for $450.00 a month for 3 months

Length/ Schedule: 4 weeks Instructor-led virtual classes (Wednesday evenings 6pm to 9pm)

Pre-Requisite: Fashion Illustration and Design course required before this portfolio building course.

Course Components: Step-by-step illustration practicals, along with portfolio-building assignments.

Supplies Required: iPad Pro for digital illustration practicals along with  Adobe Cloud software (approx. $45/month).

Description:  Build a digital portfolio with these virtual Instructor-led sessions from home in by logging into our cloud classroom with 6 weekly Instructor-led sessions.


IN PERSON COURSE $1600 – 15% Promo = $1360 OR 4 Monthly Payments of $450.00.

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Course Outline

This comprehensive course will take you from the ground up. Learn the essential theory and step-by-step techniques. Review the course outline below and start your journey towards Fashion Illustration and Design Certification.

1) Course Intro
  • Examples of Illustration Works and Sketches

2) Drawing Croquis and Body Detail

  • Female Proportions
  • Step by Step Female Croquis Drawing
  • Time-lapse Female Croquis
  • Male Body Proportions
  • Step by Step Male Croquis Drawing
  • Time-lapse Male Croquis
  • Different Body Angles Movement and Poses
  • Step by Step Face Drawing
  • Time-lapse Face Drawing
  • Step by Step Hair Drawing
  • Time-lapse Head Shape
  • Time-lapse Straight Hair
  • Time-lapse Curly Hair
  • Step by Step Hand Drawing
  • Time-lapse Hand
  • Step by Step Feet Drawing
  • Time-lapse High Heels
  • Time-lapse Runners
  • Body Angles Assignment
  • Croquis Quiz

3) Drawing Garments

  • Defining Different Fabric
  • Fabrics and Fiber Swatches
  • Capture Garments Material and Shape
  • Shading
  • Shading Assignment

4) Mixed Media

  • Gesture Drawing
  • Gesture Drawing Homework
  • The Colour Wheel
  • Water Colours
  • Water Colours Homework
  • Mixed Media Sketches
  • Mixed Media Quiz
  • Mixed Media Drawing Homework

5) Create Your Collection

  • Collection of Work
  • Beginning to Draw Garment
  • Mood Board and Fabric Board
  • Fabric Board Assignment
  • Create Your Collection

6) Garment Illustrations

  • Shirts
  • Shirts 2
  • Shirt 3
  • Skirts 1
  • Skirts 2
  • Skirt 3
  • Pants 1
  • Pants 2
  • Neckline 1
  • Neckline 2
  • Neckline 3
  • Neckline 4
  • Bodice Tops 1
  • Bodice Top 2
  • Bodice Top 3
  • Bodice Tops 4
  • Collars 1
  • Collars 2

7) Digital Tool and Terminology

  • Fashion Illustration Tools
  • History of Fashion Leading Companies
  • Terminology
  • Fashion Industry Software
  • Digital Tool and Terminology Quiz

8) Procreate

  • Introduction
  • Work Area Procreate Tool Box
  • Creating a Flat
  • Video- Tracing Sport Bra Front
  • Video- Tracing Sport Bra Back
  • Video Tracing yoga pants front
  • Video- Complete Tracing a Set of Sport Wear
  • Creating a Set of Sport Wear Flat
  • Video- Complete Tracing a set of Sport Wear
  • Procreate Quiz

9) Illustrator Flats

  • Work Area Illustrator Toolbox
  • Illustrator Short Cut
  • Tracing a Shirt in B&W
  • Shirt in B&W Submission
  • Tracing a Jacket Flat in Colour
  • Denim Jacket Flats in Colour Submission
  • Denim Jacket Color Flat Ai Submission
  • Quiz (Illustrator)

10) Tech Pack and Spec Sheet

  • Tech Pack
  • Spec Sheet
  • Shirt Spec Sheet
  • Tech Pack and Spec Sheet Quiz

11) Digital Portfolio

  • Digital Portfolio
  • Portfolio Style
  • Research Digital Portfolio Style

12) Illustration Collection

  • Turn your Sketches into Illustration
  • Turn your Sketches into Flats
  • Range Planning
  • Complete Collection Submission

13) Photoshop Mockup

  • Intro PS
  • Work Area Photoshop Toolbox
  • Hoodie Mock Up
  • Hoodie Mock-Up Assignment

14) Next Steps

  • You’re almost done!

Enrollment Terms

This course is NOT subject to the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 Choose a pricing option that suits you and start learning today. Pay in full to save or choose the monthly payment option. Fees include Tuition and free Virtual Seat assignment. Digital Certificate will be issued upon completion of all lessons, assessments, and upon final payment (where applicable). Non-refundable once paid. Supplies required for assignment completion. By enrolling into this Non-Vocational Course, you accept the Terms and Policies as outlined on the College Website

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