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Get the Skills to Become a Global Business Professional

Develop the skills to create comprehensive global business strategies

Online Global Business Strategy Certificate Course

In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses need leaders who understand the complexities of the global market. At GLOW College, we offer a comprehensive Global Business Strategy Certificate course designed to equip you with the skills and insights to navigate the world of international business.

Explore the dynamic forces influencing businesses in a Global context. This course introduces students to various elements of business, including economic, competitive, labor market, technological, global, and political factors that influence and impact businesses.

This course has been designed as self paced learning for your convenience. Complete online reading lessons, quizzes and assignments for Instructor feedback and participate in Instructor-led practical assignments at the end of the course.

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Course Overview:
Gain valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities that shape strategic decision-making in the global business landscape. Review the course outline below and start your journey towards Global Business Strategy Certification.

  • Foundations of Global Business Strategy
  • Economic Forces of Global Business
  • Competitive Dynamics in Business
  • Labour Market and Human Capital
  • Technological Advances in Business
  • Political and Regulatory Environments
  • Business Crisis Management
  • Trends and Innovation in Business


Learning Method
Complete online reading lessons with knowledge testing quizzes and assignments. <34 Hours of content and course work.

A laptop, or smart device along with wifi is required for this online course.


Online Self Paced Course = $1,400
Payment Plan Option: Enroll Now for $400 a month for 4 months

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Enrollment Terms:

Choose a pricing option that suits you and start learning today. Pay in full to save or choose the monthly payment option and start online classes immediately. Fees include Tuition and free Virtual Seat assignment. Digital Certificate will be issued upon completion of all lessons, assessments, and upon final payment (where applicable). Non-refundable once paid. This course is not subject to the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.

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