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Get the Skills to Become an Image Consultant

Image Consultancy professional wearing a measuring tape.
If you’re interested in becoming an Image Consultant or Personal Stylist, consider our Image Consulting program

8-Week Image Consulting Certificate Course in Ontario

This comprehensive Image Consulting Certificate course is designed to provide aspiring Image Consultants and Personal stylists with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the field of Personal Branding and Styling. Students will learn how to help individual Clients create a powerful and authentic personal brand while enhancing their visual appearance through effective styling techniques. The course combines theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, case studies, and interactive experiences to provide a holistic learning experience.

Learning Method: Online theories and choice of Virtual OR In Person Instructor-led practicals available at either the Toronto, Brampton or Waterloo campuses.

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Expected Outcome
At the completion of this course, students will gain knowledge and practical skills in providing personal branding and styling services to prospective Clients.

The student is required to bring garments and accessories for hands-on styling exercises and photoshoots. Students are required to invest in two thrift styling assignments ($50.00 each assignment) to complete this course.


Tuition Fee:
$1,360.00 (save 15% by paying in full, Reg. $1,600.00)
Payment Plan Option: Enroll Now for $450.00 a month for 4 months

Online theories and 8 weeks Instructor-led virtual OR In-person classes.
(Sundays 8 three-hour classes, once a week)

Course Outline

1) Introduction to Image Consulting
  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of an image consultant
  • Exploring the scope and potential of the image consulting industry
  • Ethical considerations and professional standards in image consulting

2) Personal Branding Fundamentals

  • Introduction to personal branding and its importance
  • Assessing personal strengths, values, and goals
  • Crafting a unique personal brand statement
  • Developing an authentic personal brand strategy

3) Self-Image and Perception

  • Understanding self-perception and its impact on personal branding
  • Assessing body language, facial expressions, and voice modulation
  • Enhancing self-confidence and communication skills

4) Wardrobe Analysis and Styling

  • Identifying body shapes, proportions, and style personalities
  • Conducting a wardrobe analysis and closet organization
  • Building a versatile and functional wardrobe
  • Understanding color theory and its application in styling

5) Professional Dressing

  • Dress codes and appropriateness in different professional settings
  • Styling for job interviews, corporate environments, and client meetings
  • Accessories and grooming for a polished professional image

6) Personal Shopping and Styling Techniques

  • Conducting effective personal shopping sessions
  • Understanding client preferences, budgets, and lifestyle requirements
  • Demonstrating styling techniques and outfit combinations
  • Incorporating trends while maintaining individual style

7) Personal Branding for Online Presence

  • Managing online reputation and social media presence
  • Creating a consistent personal brand across digital platforms
  • Leveraging social media for networking and career advancement

8) Client Consultation and Relationship Management

  • Effective client consultation techniques and needs assessment
  • Building rapport and maintaining professional relationships
  • Handling client objections and providing constructive feedback

9) Marketing and Business Development

  • Developing a business plan and pricing strategies
  • Marketing and promoting your image consulting services
  • Networking, partnerships, and client referrals

10) Practical Application and Case Studies

  • Case studies and scenarios for practical application
  • Discussions and analysis of image consulting challenges
  • Final assessment and feedback

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